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The key to healthy living is a balanced diet, regular exercise, plenty of sleep and at least two litres of ….. blah blah blah. Everyone knows how to live healthily; it’s just finding the time to do it. If only there was a quick and simple way of getting your daily vitamin fix? Well now there is, and to keep things simple, we’ve called it Vitamin Fix.

So if you need a health boost, and you’ve got about 25 seconds to spare, you can grab one straight from the fridge at your local convenience store.

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It’s a risky thing putting nutritionists in charge of a beverage. Sure, they’ll spend two years creating and perfecting the ultimate blend of vitamins and minerals to restore the health of today’s busy Australians. But at what cost?

Taste. It turns out the cost is taste.

Yep, Vitamin Fix is disgusting. But it’s also disgustingly healthy. So next time you’re wearing that “What did I just put in my mouth?” grimace after downing a Vitamin Fix on the way to the train station, just remember that disgusting is a good thing.

This is what disgustingly healthy looks like:


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